The Adirondacks are a beautiful, serene mountain range in New York; vacationing there provides a wealth of activities and experiences, no matter what you’re interested in doing. With fantastic hiking trails, lakes to swim in, and great places to ski if you visit during the winter months, it’s a paradise for anyone who loves the outdoors. If you’re looking for something more sedate, though, there are plenty of museums and shopping opportunities. The Adirondacks have something for everyone, but here are some suggestions if you find yourself overwhelmed by choice.

Olympic Sites
The Adirondacks is home to several significant places in Olympic history, including the Olympic Jumping Complex, the Olympic Sports Complex, and the Lake Placid Olympic Museum. The Jumping Complex can be used by anyone interested in winter sports to have some incredible experiences; for those who aren’t interested, there is an educational facility at the site. Of course, everyone can watch the talented ski jumpers who use the area for training. If you’re still looking for more winter fun after that, you can visit the Sports Complex, including a biathlon shooting range and a bobsled-skeleton-luge ride. Finally, if you’re tired from all the excitement, the Olympic Museum contains many important artifacts related to the 1932 and 1980 Olympic games. If you want to visit all three areas, you can buy an Olympic Sites Passport that will cover all three areas’ entrance fees and reduce the cost of any additional activities.

Museums and Wildlife Preserves
If you’re interested in learning more about the Adirondacks’ history and environment, there are plenty of educational institutions to visit. The Adirondack Experience- The Museum at Blue Mountain Lake provides an in-depth, interactive look at the region’s history. You can also visit the historic Fort Ticonderoga, which hosts live reenactments, or the John Brown Farm State Historic Site, where the revolutionary abolitionist John Brown lived and was buried. If you’re more interested in the natural history of the area, consider visiting The Wildlife Center to get close-up views of the native animals, as well as tour the Wild Walk, a four-story canopy-level treehouse.

Lakes and Hiking
There are plenty of fantastic opportunities for those interested in swimming, boating, or taking a scenic hike through the mountains. Consider Lake Sarnac for a quieter experience than that offered at Lake Placid, with plenty of hiking and kayaking to keep you occupied. Whiteface Mountain offers outdoor enthusiasts a treat year-round, with fantastic skiing in the winter and a hiking trail with a spectacular view at the end. If you’re looking for something more challenging, Ausable Chasm features rock climbing and rafting, as well as bicycle tours and trails for those more interested in getting a detailed look at the formation.

No matter what you’re interested in doing on your vacation, the Adirondacks can provide. Next time you’re planning a getaway, consider this scenic mountain range, where you can relax and engage in some unique experiences.