Travel is completely different than it was just a few years ago. COVID-19 profoundly impacted the world, and even with vaccines readily available, its impact is still felt today. If traveling on your agenda, it’s essential to know that certain changes are inevitable.

Travel Restrictions Are Still in Place

There are travel restrictions in place depending on where someone plans to travel. Traveling domestically is more straightforward than traveling abroad, but knowing the restrictions makes traveling easier overall. If returning from overseas, a quarantine period restricts direct entry into the country unless specific criteria are met within exemption protocol. Fortunately, the increase in flexibility offered by many companies makes traveling easier when taking restrictions into account. If an issue arises that impacts someone’s ability to travel due to the restrictions; many companies offer options to adjust travel plans for guests to suit their needs better and limit the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible.

Travel Routines Depend on Vaccination Status

Traveling routines vary based on someone’s vaccination status. Recommendations for unvaccinated individuals include testing for the COVID-19 virus before and after travel to reduce the spread of the virus. A period of quarantine after travel is also required. Vaccinated individuals don’t need testing nor quarantining after travel. Wearing a mask is still suggested for everyone to protect others from potential exposure to the virus.

Limited Contact Is Common Practice

Many companies implemented limited contact protocols to ensure minimal contact during travel. Smaller lodging options are increasingly popular to limit contact with others, as well. Expect more touchless options when traveling to lodging options with numerous guests. Facial recognition and touchless scanning are now the norms for many hotels, airlines, and cruise lines. This allows guests to get to their destination or within their room without having to come into direct contact with anyone, thus limiting the transmission of germs from one person to another.

While travel routines are different, the joy and relaxation that come with traveling are the same. Taking a break from the monotony of life is more important than ever. Paying close attention to the restrictions and guidelines put in place makes travel more enjoyable for everyone. Proper planning makes the routine more feasible and allows things to run smoothly during a somewhat chaotic time.