“To Andrew, traveling has left an indelible impression on his mind and he feels everyone should try the experience at least once.”

Andrew Lombara might originally be from Boston, but he now calls New York State his home. Even though Andrew has retired from his professional career, the concept of slowing down is not in his vocabulary. Each day remains an exciting adventure for him, filled with vibrant activities and unwavering enthusiasm. Beyond merely being a sports enthusiast, he’s a dedicated fan, exhibiting unwavering loyalty to his hometown teams, including the Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, and Bruins. His passion for these teams infuses each game with an electric excitement that reverberates in his unwavering support. Retirement has granted him the precious gift of time, allowing him to cherish moments with his family and friends, a cherished aspect of his well-rounded life. This newfound freedom has afforded him the opportunity to forge deeper connections with loved ones, creating lasting memories in the process.

Ever since he was young, Andrew Lombara has been driven and passionate no matter what his interests are. His earliest memory is of him battling over a ball with his brothers. In high school, he was heavily involved in athletics, especially football. While attending Harvard, Andrew Lombara continued playing football in his junior and senior years for his Ivy League’s football team. When he was given the opportunity to trade on Wall Street, he found that the thrill and excitement on the trading floor was a perfect match for Andrew’s personality type. Much like during his football career, Andrew quickly started excelling as a bond trader and soon became a leader in that field. 

In his most recent role, Andrew held the prestigious position of the head of government bond trading at HSBC Bank USA. This appointment was a culmination of a successful career trajectory that had seen him rise through the ranks. Before joining HSBC, Andrew’s professional journey included a significant chapter at Merrill Lynch, where he played a pivotal role. Notably, under his leadership at Merrill Lynch, the company achieved a remarkable feat year after year—consistently securing the top spot as the leading strips dealer, a distinction recognized and bestowed by the esteemed Institutional Investor magazine. This impressive track record stands as a testament to Andrew’s expertise and commitment to the world of finance.

Prior to his appointment at Merrill Lynch, Andrew Lombara worked as a head trader of the zero-coupon bond desk for Prudential Securities. Because of the opportunities in his life, he traveled a lot. Andrew’s journey was a unique one, as he had the rare privilege of pursuing his passion while traversing the world. 

Trading enabled Andrew to harmonize his deep love for finance with an unquenchable wanderlust, creating a unique blend of career and adventure. This fusion profoundly enriched his life. Navigating the intricacies of finance seamlessly translated into the thrill of exploring new places and cultures. Each trade and journey contributed to a captivating narrative, highlighting the profound connection between the financial realm and the broader world. This intertwining of his professional and personal pursuits offered him a holistic understanding of the global tapestry, showcasing the interplay of economies and societies.

To Andrew Lombara, traveling has left an indelible impression on his mind and he feels everyone should try the experience at least once. While Andrew has explored numerous corners of the globe, there remain countless destinations awaiting his visit, listed on his ever-growing bucket list. His fervent belief is that immersing oneself in different cultures offers a profound opportunity to broaden one’s horizons and embrace fresh perspectives. Before retiring, his travels gave him a similar exciting feeling as when he worked in trading. These trips weren’t just fun; they also made him more curious and helped him understand and appreciate different parts of the world better.

Staying active is also something Andrew Lombara takes very seriously. Working out and running are especially important to him. He carries his enthusiasm for fitness as well as traveling into his leisurely activities as well. Andrew enjoys taking his family on trips to the beach, among other adventures, and he loves it when they all cook together.

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