Following a year of being stuck at home and not being able to go many places, if any, Americans aren’t just itching to get out, they’ve got lots of money saved up for vacations. The post-pandemic travel boom is already happening, with changes good and bad.

Many travelers are wondering how to enjoy traveling again. Many are tired of hearing about the ‘new normal’, but the truth is that the world is a different place. Travel is no exception.

More than 8,000 people were surveyed about their 2021 vacation plans, and nearly two-thirds of them indicated they intended to travel more than they did before the pandemic.

Reservations and bookings for 2021 are already happening for the spring, summer, and fall. However, travel industry experts think that 2022 will be a banner year for the sector.

Still, certain changes made during the pandemic are here to stay, and travelers should factor them into trying to figure out how to enjoy travel again. For starters, smartphone apps and frictionless or contactless check-ins are likely to remain in place at many airports and hotels.

As such, plan on spending extra time getting through and into places. While the emphasis is on less human contact, it can slow things down. Allow extra time in your travel schedule to keep your stress low.

Something else travelers can do to enjoy trips again is to plan properly for a post-pandemic world where outbreaks can still happen. Many international borders remain closed, and some locations put lockdown restrictions in place when need be to reduce the spread of the virus. Vacationers can prevent not being able to cross international borders by planning vacations inside their own home country.

Having said that, lockdown protocols and other restrictions can happen even domestically. As such, many families are looking for places that aren’t inherently crowded so they can socially distance themselves while on vacation. Vacation homes and beach rentals have gotten very popular in the current booking craze, so look far in advance and be willing to pay a premium.

Anyone traveling internationally needs to consider travel insurance strongly. While this was something many vacationers skimped on previously, the possibility of medical bills outside the country is far more likely these days.