Rock Climbing in the US

The United States offers some of the most extensive and varied rock climbing terrains in the world. From Maine to California, the US has some magnificent natural rock formations. There are also plenty of innovative indoor climbing venues where climbers can hone their skills. There are great places for beginners to get started, and for experts to challenge themselves.

Indoor Climbing

One of the best indoor chains of rock climbing walls is Vertical Endeavors. With six locations spread throughout the Midwest, this company has introduced many people to the world of rock climbing. Their largest site, in Glendale Heights, Illinois, is one of the biggest climbing gyms in the United States. It features areas for bouldering and walls up to 30 feet tall. There are also replicas of five famous outdoor routes, including one from Devils Tower. Vertical Endeavors also offers beginner classes for aspiring rock climbers.

Western States

Outdoor routes are what most people think of when they visualize the sport of rock climbing. Some of the most famous rock-climbing routes in the world are located in the US, particularly in Western states. Yosemite National Park is one of the most sought-after climbing destinations in the world. The crack climbs in the Merced River Canyon are famous. The park is enormous, and multi-day climbing excursions are available there.

Eastern States

Some of the most visually striking climbs in the US are located in the state of Maine. In Acadia National Park, there are stunning climbs up the granite cliffs of Mt. Desert. Hanging onto the pink granite above crashing waves is not an experience for the faint of heart. Climbing at Acadia National Park is an excursion best left to skilled climbers. The logistics of the climb itself are complicated, and there’s also the added challenge of the changing tide.

Southern States

Finally, there are also plenty of great climbing destinations in the Southeastern US. Kentucky’s Red River Gorge offers over 1,500 different routes for rock climbing. These include archways, overhangs, and even natural bridges; with these diverse landscapes, there’s bound to be a route for everyone in the sandstone cliffs of the Red River Gorge. Beginners, intermediate climbers, and experts will all find a climb suited to their skills. The Motherload is the most challenging area of the Gorge. It attracts many experienced climbers.