The Catskills is home to many breathtaking waterfalls. These waterfalls can be seen by taking hikes through the forest. Those that love spending time in nature are urged to embark on these hikes.

Some waterfall hikes are easier than others. Beginner hikers are encouraged to start with the Old Mill Falls. The hike is a total of 200 feet, and the most used starting point for it is Josh Road, which is on top of the Platte Clove Road. Those who drive in can park there and make their way over to King Post Bridge, where the Old Mill Falls is located. Though the waterfall is only 16 feet, it is still an unforgettable sight to many. Ideally, this waterfall should be viewed right after a period of heavy rain or any time during the spring season.

Another choice for an easy hike is Plattekill Falls. With the same starting point as Old Mill Falls, visitors hike a one-quarter mile to get to this waterfall. On the way, they will pass Plattekill Creek. Taking this hike is a great way to see both the Old Mill Falls and the Plattekill Falls. Other than the falls, the highlight of this tour is its moss-covered rocks and stream bed, great for rock hopping.

A slightly more challenging hike is Diamond Notch Falls, otherwise known as West Kill Falls. To see this waterfall, hikers take the Diamond Notch Road. The well-maintained trails lead hikers to this waterfall of 10 feet.

One of the most unique is Glenn Falls, which includes three waterfalls. Two of them have waterholes where hikers are welcome to cool off. But for a much more challenging hike, one of the best options is the East Kill Falls. The hike starts at Stork Nest Road and leaves hikers no more than 200 feet from the falls. Many tourists choose this particular hike for its wildlife.

Those who want to camp out often head to Ashley Falls. They can do so at the North-South Lake Campground. From there, visitors hike the Mary Glen Trail on their way to Ashley Falls. The waterfall is known for its multiple tiers. It should be noted that the best times to visit this waterfall are during the fall or spring.