Packing for a vacation doesn’t always have to be such an arduous task. By knowing how to pack correctly, travelers can save themselves a lot of time and hassle. These five packing tips can help any traveler prepare better for their upcoming trip.

Packing Tips

Write a Packing List

Creating a packing list that includes all of the essential and nonessential items that are to be brought on a trip can help keep everything organized better. It can be easy to forget even the most essential items when trying to pack without a written list. After packing everything, it’s important to review the list to double-check for anything that may have been overlooked.

Include a First-Aid Kit

Regardless of where a traveler might be going, a first-aid kit should be brought so that any unexpected minor injuries or illnesses can be treated. This is especially important when traveling to international locations where medical treatment might not be as readily available. It’s a good idea to include adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment, and pain relievers in the kit. The kit can also include cough and cold medicine, digestive remedies, and bug bite treatment solution.

Roll Clothes Instead of Folding

T-shirts, pants, and other clothing items can be rolled instead of folded to save space inside of suitcases. It’s best to roll clothes as tightly as possible and squeeze out any air while rolling to make them as compatible as possible. Rolling can also keep clothes from forming deep wrinkles and creases that often result from folding.

Copy Important Documents

The fronts and backs of important documents should be copied in case the originals get lost or stolen. These copies can either be brought along on the trip or left with a trusted person at home who can send them by email if needed. Essential documents to copy include passports, travel visas, and trip itineraries as well as any medication or eyewear prescriptions.

Divide Valuables

Keeping all valuables inside a single suitcase can mean a huge loss if the luggage gets lost or stolen.  It’s advisable to pack valuables in different bags to prevent such a loss. Cash, credit cards, and travelers’ checks can be kept in a purse, handbag, or money belt. Pockets in clothes and jackets can also be used to store some of these items.

Packing smart can make preparing for a trip easier and give travelers additional peace of mind. Learning the right ways to pack will be to every traveler’s advantage.